About Us

About Us

Family School

Our Mission:

Our mission at Family Language school is to foster each child’s well-being as a foundation for academic and life success by drawing on the strengths of the child’s entire community including family, educators,research paper outline sample medical and mental health providers.

Our Vision:

We envision a world in which every child, regardless of background, becomes a healthy and best shiatsu foot massagers productive adult.

Long- Goal:

Develop a game-changing, replicable system of care:

–  Replicable: Able to be built in another community with ordinary humans and public funding

– Game-changing:  Fundamentally and predictably changes the life trajectory of our most in-need children across academic, soul, and health outcome areas


1.  Student learning is a lifelong process and the chief priority of the school.

2.  Students learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.

3.  A safe, comfortable, and nurturing environment promotes student learning.

4.  Clearly defined expectations coupled with a challenging curriculum, which is set at a high, but achievable, level fosters student success.

5. Having sufficient time to learn and appropriate support are critical enablers.

6.  The quality of education depends upon the quality of the teachers in the         classroom.

7.  The appropriate utilization of technology optimizes student achievement.

8.  Desired student outcomes can best be achieved through supportive interaction between school, home, and community.

9. Faculty must be exposed to ongoing professional development.

10. Relationships of mutual respect enhance teaching and learning.

11. Adequate staff, facilities, funds, and resources must be provided in order to maximize individual student achievement.


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Family School Values
Our values represent a set of fundamental beliefs about how we should operate that dictate our daily behavior and the decisions we make, as an organization and as individual employees.  We also seek to jointly promote these values with our children, families, and partners


We have audacious expectations for our children, our families, and ourselves, accompanied by realistic plans to achieve them


As people, and as an organization, we always seek to grow, learn, and evolve


We have the courage to make bold bets and question the status quo.  We acknowledge and learn from failure


We value and seek out meaning in our work and in the world.  We aim to nurture the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of all members of our community