School Day

School Day

The school day for FAMILYSCHOOL begins at 7:30 am with line ,then All students are expected to be in their first session and seated by the time the bell rings at 7:45 am. Students who are more than thirty (30) minutes late, after 7:45 am bell, will be considered absent custom writing pens unless it is the result of a late bus.
Students who are late to school or absent from school must provide written notification, signed by a parent, explaining the reason and the date of the tardiness/absence. The note should be submitted to the administration office immediately upon arrival/return to school. Alternatively, a parent can phone the school administration office to advice of the tardiness. Parental notification of absences must be received within two weeks of the absence. In the case of concerns about the frequency or number of days of a given period of absence, the Administration Office may require a doctor’s writing an impressive essay note of explanation.

The principal must be notified well in advance of any anticipated absences for reasons other than illness or family emergency.

Excused/Unexcused Absences
Absences other than for (1) illness, (2) emergency, or (3) official school-related activity, must be pre-approved by the school administration in order to be excused. An excused absence may be granted after a note from the parent/guardian. Such notification must be made within two weeks of the absence. Students with excused absences will be allowed to make up work. Time allotments will be at the discretion of the teacher. Teachers may impose a penalty for work turned in late using the class LMS application.

Class Cut
A student who is present at school but fails to attend class and has not made prior arrangements with the principal to miss the class is considered to have cut class. A cut class has major consequences.

Truancy is defined as a student’s absence from the school grounds unauthorized by a parent. Students who are truant will receive consequences.

Make Up Work ” Remedial sessions ”
Excused Absences
Students who have an excused absence from class will be allowed to make up missed work according to the following guidelines:

1. If the student was present in class when an assignment, quiz or test was announced and was absent on the day that the assignment was due or test/quiz given, the student must turn in the assignment or take the test/quiz on the day of his return to school whether he/she has that class or not on that day.

2. Students anticipating an absence from school due to a medical condition or travel must make an appointment with their teachers in order to receive assignments and their due dates. It is the parent’s responsibility to advise the administration office of the anticipated absence of a student, well in advance of the absence. Failure to do so may result in the student not being allowed to make up work for credit that he/she misses.

3. Students returning after excused absences will be given sufficient time to complete missed assignments and tests. The teacher will determine the amount of make-up time (make-up time is equivalent to the number of days absent).

4. It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her teacher(s) for assignments, tests, quizzes that are missed as the result of an EXCUSED TARDY/ABSENCE. Students are also responsible for notifying their teachers of an anticipated early departure from school on any given day and to make arrangements to obtain missed assignments or make up missed quizzes/tests. Failure to notify the teacher of any anticipated absence may result in the student not being permitted to make up scheduled tests/quizzes.

5. Students who become ill during the school day MUST REPORT TO THE SCHOOL DOCTOR. The Doctor will determine if the student will be sent home or if the student is fit to remain at school. A student will ONLY be sent home if a parent or a designated emergency contact can be notified by the administration. It is important that the person designated as the emergency contact number can be easily reached and is clearly stated on the student’s registration form.

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Family School Values
Our values represent a set of fundamental beliefs about how we should operate that dictate our daily behavior and the decisions we make, as an organization and as individual employees.  We also seek to jointly promote these values with our children, families, and partners


We have audacious expectations for our children, our families, and ourselves, accompanied by realistic plans to achieve them


As people, and as an organization, we always seek to grow, learn, and evolve


We have the courage to make bold bets and question the status quo.  We acknowledge and learn from failure


We value and seek out meaning in our work and in the world.  We aim to nurture the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of all members of our community